Monetize Your Podcast: Pat Flynn Shares Nine Ways You Can Be Making Money With Podcasting

Pat Flynn is an online entrepreneur and owner of the Smart Passive Income website, along with other endeavors like his very cool website, which shows you how to launch your own food truck business. I’ve followed Pat’s work for quite a while now, and he and his work are a living testament to how you can succeed at making money doing things you love, and by doing them almost exclusively online.

As far as podcasting goes, Pat has always had a lot of great ideas (in fact, readers of my The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting will already know about Pat and some of his awesome work over the years). Recently, Pat shared this video on his YouTube account, where he talks about nine different ways you can monetize your podcast… if you’re looking to expand the ways you put your podcast to work for you, this video is well worth the watch:

One thing that definitely stands out in this video is Pat’s mention of Patreon, a service which offers artists and other content producers a membership platform, providing tools for creators to build a subscription content service to their subscribers, or what are appropriate called “patrons.”

I’ve seen a few of my friends in the podcasting community using Patreon with some success, including my pal Ryan Sprague of the Somewhere in the Skies podcast. With the success many podcasters are having with this service, I may soon be looking into it as well!

Pat Flynn is, by far, one of the most knowledgeable and successful online entrepreneurs and podcasters out there, and offers a ton of great, inspiring content through his websites and videos. So if you like what he has to offer in this video, definitely check out Pat’s YouTube channel, where you can learn more about what Pat and his projects, and get his advice on a variety of business-related things that will help you monetize your podcast, too.

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