Praise for the Book

Here’s what people in the podcasting community and other media are saying about The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting: 

“Micah Hanks has given us a sourcebook on podcasting that’s unlike any other; lucid, inspiring, and most of all, entertaining.” 

George Noory, National Talk Show Host, Coast To Coast AM

The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting… can walk you through the process of becoming a podcaster, and all without having to go bankrupt or insane.”

–Jim Harold, The Paranormal Podcast, Jim Harold’s Campfire

“This book is a million Gigabytes of information! Micah is wired and podcasting straight to your mind with warp speed. Entertaining and unconventional.”

–Tom Danheiser, Senior Producer, Coast to Coast AM

“The Complete Guide To Maverick Podcasting perfectly balances technical information with entertainment, laughs and the CREATIVE PROCESS I had so many questions about. Mobility (sweet, sweet freedom) was crucial for my situation and every other resource I’ve found focuses on a static studio setup. Micah brilliantly covers the ease of taking your podcast on the road while maintaining the quality of the finished product.” 

–Lauran Ellis, Video Editor for Mossy Oak TV.

“Just wanted to say thanks for the complete guide to maverick podcasting.  I’ve recently started a YouTube/podcast adventure and just received the book today…I opened it up to skim the intro and promptly smashed through the first two chapters. Can’t wait to finish the book and can’t say thank you enough for making the information available to us.” 

–Dillon Lowen, Alberta